Facial rejuvenation with dermapunt

Rejuvenecimiento facial con dermapunt

The Dr. Neus Abella presents you an innovative treatment for the induction of collagen, mínimamente invasivo and painless. 

A cabezal of fine needles works the skin, and unchains the production of collagen and elastin to level of the dermis, with the end to repair, improving specifically the texture, firmness and hydratation, with actions reestructurantes, regenerantes and antiedad.

In less than 20 minutes DERMAPUNT contributes you the following profits:
1.  Increase in the emission of factors of growth and multiplication of the fibroblastos.
2.  Production of collagen and elastin.
3.  Rejuvenation of the skin.
The back days to the treatment does not have to have a direct exposure of the zone treated in the sunlight, do not have to take baths of rays GRAPE neither maquillar the skin during the following 24 hours. 
So that your skin follow perfect after the treatment has to follow a routine of cleansing, hydratation and solar protection. With Dermapunt will obtain a more young and radiant skin.
Call us and will inform you!

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