Radiofrecuencia Treatment anticelulitico and antiflacidez

Radiofrecuencia tratamiento anticelulitico y antiflacidez

The radiofrecuencia, that transforms the electromagnetic radiation in thermal energy, is a system no ablative that can employ of rejuvenation of the tissues as in programs anticelulíticos reductores of the acúmulos grasos and antiflacidez

How it works?
As we already have mentioned before, the waves of RF interactúan with the tissues through the electrode that apply and generates heat. The fat offers a lot of resistance to the step of the heat, as it is very bad conductive and therefore it heats much more that the skin. From here that the effects of the RF are more important in the tissue graso that in the own skin.
The thermal effect in any case, depends also of other factors that are not so important but that they have to be taken into account eat:
- The size and the form of the electrode.
- The type of emission of radiofrecuencia monopolar, bipolar (more superficial) or unipolar (deeper).
- The level of energy applied.
- The duracion of the treatment, age, hydratation and level of electrolitos of the zone to treat.

How it applies ?
In general, it notes a feeling of heat in the area treated, that is very tolerable and does not produce ache. Later, the area remains reddened during a variable time among 30 minutes and two hours, being able to restart the normal activities of immediate form. It is very important to take into account that the effects that produces the treatment initiate from the day 15 to the 28 of the first session made, by what the results can take some months in manifesting . - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat