Properties of Lino

Propiedades del Lino

The linen (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant herbácea of the family of the lináceas. It is extremely known by the cloth that elaborates of the fibres of his cut although his seed, the linaza, has purchased a lot of renown especially, for the  extraction of flours (flour of linaza) and oils (oil of linaza).

His crop was originario of the region of the rivers  Nilo, Tigris and Éufrates, although nowadays his crop has extended around the globe terráqueo.

The linen can find it so much in shape of oil of linaza as directly in seeds. In the case to use seeds of linen can use a grinder  for triturarlas since it facilitates his digestion, can incorporate in the preparation of breads and home-made cookies, in juices or even mixed with other types of seeds (p.ej. The sesame) in the preparation of salads.
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At present the seeds of linen have been recognised by his numerous beneficial effects for the health. From among them it fits to stand out, for example, his tall content of fibre and mucilages that is upper to the one of any another cereal. For this reason it advises so much for diets of adelgazamiento as to combat the constipation.

It is highly rich in acids grasos of the series omega 3 by what is an excellent regulator of the levels of cholesterol. Besides, has a powerful antioxidant effect because of his tall content in vitamin E and mineral.
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The seeds of linen contain some substances called lignanos whose action in the receptors estrogénicos allows them participate in the reequilibrio of the secretions hormonales deficitarias.

This acts positively and allows to reduce all the symptoms related with the perimenopausia and the menopause. Besides, it has powerful effects anticancerígenos derived of these substances, the lignanos and the lignin.
•Salad of seeds of linen with vinaigrette of orange and walnuts

Ingredients for the salad (can vary to the taste):

- 1 cogollo of lettuce

- ½ Tomato

- ¼ Of onion

- 10 g of sesame

- 10 g of linen

Ingredients for the vinaigrette:

- The juice of 1 orange

-10 g of mustard of Dijon

- 4 whole walnuts peeled i hammered

- 1 spoonful of oil of olive

- 1 spoonful of vinegar of Módena

- Salt

First, we will wash and we will cut the tomato, the lettuce and the onion in Julian. To continuation, add the seeds and mixes well the salad.

In a container to part, put all the ingredients of the sauce and will beat it until it remain a sauce tied. Finally serve the salad and dress with the vinaigrette to the taste. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat