Operation bikini

Operación bikini

As every year in spring, the worries around the weight and to the silhouette intensify .

Each one treats to find solutions to finish with the celulitis, have some beautiful legs, etc., 

And the feminine press collects and spreads these worries. Far of you solve them miracle, the micronutrición and a good hygiene of life are a great help to treat this problematic.

The celulitis affects around 90% of the women from the puberty. It treats of a cumulus of fat situated under the skin that causes in this an appearance cushioned or of skin of orange.

The celulitis appears mainly in the buttocks, the thighs and the hips. It exists a crowd of cares like the mesoterapia, the lymphatic drainage, the electrolipolisis, the endermología, etc.

These cares allow to delete the cumulus of fat, but to be really effective and durable, have to associate to some alimentary rules very clear-cut that include: loss of the excess of fat, poor diet in simple sugars and improvement of the venous circulation by means of the physical exercise.

They can be useful in this regard the complementos alimentary, that have effects so diverse like the favour the elimination of the excess of water and toxins accrued by the organism, improve the venous circulatory comfort and augment the lipolisis centring mainly in the adipocytes.

In front of the numerous promises miracle in this field, recommends resort to the “coaching” of the professionals of the health.

These can identify in the first place the type of celulitis (adipose, fibrous, edematosa or lipodistrófica),which constitutes a main phase to achieve our aim and maintain the results on a long-term basis, averting the effect “I-I”.

It fits to underline the importance of a professional treatment that associate corporal cares, alimentary rules and taking of complementos alimentary with active ingredients selected of sure form so much by the quality as by the concentrations of active products.

The range of complementos alimentary Inovance offers 3 products to contribute to the success of your “Operation Bikini”: Inovance CLA, Inovance Drainage and Inovance Circulation

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