Operation bikini Chromium, CLA and guaraná to combat the celulitis

Operación bikini Cromo, CLA y guaraná para combatir la celulitis

If the celulitis touches mostly to the women, is because it is related with the influence hormonal from the puberty until the menopause, seeing stressed in the periods of pregnancy. Therefore, it can not delete entirely, although yes it can limit his presence.

The identification of the type of celulitis allows to establish the nature of the lobules and foresee his evolution. A celulitis fibrous presents some cells of hard and rigid fats and corresponds to the hardening of the fibres of collagen. In this already advanced stage of the celulitis, ascertain that an excess of simple sugars and of foods with tall index glicémico favour this profile inflamatorio.

It is necessary to reestablish some fundamental dietary rules eat: eat integral cereals and leguminosas, avert the sugars refinados and overcoat delete the picoteo of foods that associate simple sugars with fats. For example, to average late, can eat fruits or barritas of chocolate or special cereals, with low content in sugars and tall proportion of fibres and proteins.

With his 25 µg of chromium, the complement alimentary Inovance CLA has been especially conceived to regulate the action of the insulin, hormone involved in the transformation of the sugars in fats. Among the 26.400 studios published (Medline),770 show the efficiency of the chromium in the control of the weight and 570 evidencian the paper of the chromium on the sensibility to the insulin.

The experts of the EFSA (European Agency of Alimentary Security) have accepted numerous allegations in this regard, like the following: “The chromium improves the effect of the insulin, what influences in the metabolism of the carbohydrates, of the lipids and of the proteins”.

Besides, Inovance CLA takes part to diminish the mass fat since it contains natural extract of seeds of cártamo, contributing 400 mg by capsule of sour linoleico conjugado, recognised NOVEL FOOD by the sanitary authorities. Inovance CLA Reduces the resistance of the cells to the insulin and favours the utilisation of the sugars by the muscles. When braking the lipogénesis, the mass fat diminishes in profit of the mass magra. Inovance CLA Is so much more effective when it combines with physical exercise, even minimum but regulate (3 times 1h by week of physical activity like walking, swimming, bicileta, footing, exercises in room of gymnasium, etc.).

Inovance CLA Contains also extracts of seeds of guaraná, whose active principle is the caffeine, usually recognised like stimulating of the elimination of fats in the frame of a regime of adelgazamiento adapted.

Like this then , Inovance CLA is a complement alimentary that combines the benenficios to thin of these 3 active principles natural. It advises take it like initial treatment (6 capsules to the day during 1 month) and afterwards like treatment of maintenance (2 months more).

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