Mesoterapia, the treatment to delete fat located

Mesoterapia, el tratamiento para eliminar grasa localizada

The Mesoterapia is a medical treatment that consists in micro injections of substances lipolíticas to correct the celulitis and flacidez.

The most recommended is uses a cocktail of products depending on the zone to treat. For example:

  • For the celulitis edematosa incorporate Extract of Meliloto (improves the circulation, reduces the retention of liquids, favours the lymphatic drainage),and Extract of Artichoke (by his action depurativa and drenante).
  • For the celulitis compact or fibrous incorporate Organic Silicon (that it stimulates the fibres of collagen, elastin and proteoglicanos)
  • For the flacidez incorporate DMAE (sour hialurónico + dimetilaminoetanol),since it gives back firmness to the tissues, countering the flacidez.
To obtain some optimum results the most advisable is to make of 12 to 14 sessions, with intervals of 7 days.

In some occasions recommends do a second cycle of other 10 - 12 sessions spent some two or three months. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat