Mesoterapia Corporal anticelulítica ALIDYA

Mesoterapia corporal anticelulítica ALIDYA


Fed up of the celulitis, to hide it, to try creams or treatments that are not effective.
But, What is the celulitis? And Why it appears?

When the skin purchases an appearance of skin of orange, say that it exists celulitis. Can accrue in several parts of the body.
The causes can be varied: sedentary life, bad circulation, fault of exercise, genetic factors or hormonales.
They exist alternatives to struggle against the elimination, some more effective that others.
In Centre Diet offer you a new treatment. It treats of the Mesoterapia Alidya.

It consists in the application of injections subcutáneas with a substance called Alidya, that helps to dissolve the celulitis with excellent results. It acts on the adipose tissue stimulating the release of his content in fat. It favours the lymphatic drainage of the toxins that have accrued in the zone to treat. The best of this substance is that once made the treatment warns that it go back to appear.

This type of treatment only can it make a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, in our case, the Dr. Neus Abella
They see and ask us, inform you without commitment.
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