"The power of the juices and beaten green"

From it does time the magazines show photos of famous characters spending in the hand a green glass with a pajita, is a fashion that in fact is really healthy.

It treats of a concentrated of nutrients that have not subjected to heat, of this way are an excellent source of vitamins, mineral, enzymes and antioxidant.
They are very detoxificantes, augment the level of energy and vitality. They improve the digestion.
They diminish the desire to take foods that "kill us", sugar, fats, salty....They improve our cutis and our hair. They improve the state of spirit.
The ideal would be to take a beaten or green juice to the day.
How they prepare ?
Mixing with a blender green leaves, with fruit and water.
Green leaves: lettuce, spinaches, chards, parsley, rúcula, berros, canons, leaves of cauliflower and beetroot, celery....
Fruits: apple, kiwi, strawberries, lemon, red fruits...
It is necessary to go experiencing with the mixes until finding the one who result us but saciante.
If you want to but information do not doubt in consulting me.
Dr. Neus Abella

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