The egg, extraordinary treasure to nutritional level

El huevo, extraordinario tesoro a nivel nutricional

By the Dr. Neus Abella
The egg in if same in a work of the nature, a nutritional treasure.

An alone egg contributes to our organism 51% of vitamin B12 and 40% of biotina, necessary for the formation of red globules and hemoglobin.
His proteins contain all the essential amino acids, and is rich in iron, iodine and zinc…
But they exist big differences among the ECOLOGICAL eggs and the NO ECOLOGICAL. I will help you to distinguish them.
The first that it is necessary to look are the numbers that appear in the eggs, are by like this say it enrols it of his history. This code is form in the shell and it is necessary to fix in him.

First digit indicates the type of child and is the one who have to fix us to know if they are ecological or no.

0: ECOLOGICAL. They come from of hens in liberty, and servants with think ecological.
1: CAMPERAS. They eat I think NO ecological, crían in naves with start alfresco.
2: OF SUELO. They eat I think NO ecological, do not have start to the outside, but can move relatively. There are 12 hens by square metre.
3: OF CAGE. They eat I think NO ecological, crían in cages without capacity of movement any.
The two following letters correspond to the code of the been member of the EU of the that proceed the eggs.

And the remaining digits are 2 of the code of province, 3 of the municipality and 3 of identification of the farm of which proceed.

In what have to fix us when buying eggs?

The first, look cracked it, does not have to be cracked or soiled, the shell is his natural protection, and is easy that penetrate bacteria and dirt in the interior. The fact that they are white or dark, do not import, since have the same nutritional value. The colour varies in function of the race of hen.

Like distinguishing an ecological egg of another that is not it?

The response will find it in his interior. The CLEAR represents 60% of the weight, hardly contains hydrates neither fats. It is rich in proteins and in essential amino acids. In an ecological egg the CLEAR IS DENSE And OF BETTER QUALITY, instead in the NO ecological is used to dispersed when breaking the egg.
The another clue find it in his YOLK. It is 30% of the weight of the egg. They contain proteins, sour grasos essential, carbohydrates and mineral. In the ecological eggs the YOLKS HAVE A QUITE CLEAR COLOUR, whereas in the No ecological eggs the colour is very stressed, because of the colorantes that put them in the piensos that eat the hens.

Trick, how know to simple view if an egg is fresh or no?

If have doubts on if it is fresh or no, put it in a bowl with water and salt. If it remains deep down, it is fresh. Of the contrary, will float.
Council: it refuses any egg that when opening it break his yolk and his clear was very liquid. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat