Celulitis | The solution is in the nutrition

Celulitis | La solución está en la nutrición

You knew that there are 4 types of celulitis and that each one requires a different treatment? It discovers what Celulitis have and the treatment that need.

Celulitis: Diverse varieties

Among 85% and 98% of the women after the puberty present some degree of Celulitis. The Celulitis can manifest in diverse varieties according to the profile of the person affected:

- The Celulitis Flaccid or Soft, characterises for presenting a very flaccid and smooth skin so much of foot like tumbada. The appearance of “Skin of Orange” only can see when it pinches the skin.

- The Celulitis Edematosa, characterises for presenting an irregular appearance, so much of foot like tumbada. With presence of varices or edemas.

- The Lipodistrofia, although it does not treat really of celulitis like such, consists in an accumulation located of tissue graso.

The causes of the Celulitis can be multiple:
•An unsuitable diet, with excess of fats and fast sugars, fault of contributions of fruits and vegetables, or fault of flesh fished and proteins.
•An insufficient consumption of water.
•Toxic habits: alcohol, coffee, tobacco, etc.
•The constipation: it produces one overburdens of toxins in the organism.
•Fault of exercise.
•The hormones can augment the quantity and the volume of the cells fats (adipocytes).

You can act on these factors adopting habits of healthy life, like the practical regulate of physical exercise and a diet balanced that it contribute you all the nutrients that your body needs.

Surgery to your medical Nutrition-Health on the best way to confront you to the celulitis.

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