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Consejos para descansar mejor | Vida Sana

How many of us have not had problems to conciliate the sleep, problems of sleeplessness; or even, we have raised us tired and with feeling of have not slept sufficient?

The rhythm of life that spend, the stress, the work, the go and come of each day, causes that even the moment that would have to be more relajante of the day alter and appear problems related with the rest.

Sleep well and rest is fundamental so that our organism recover his welfare. We spend a third of our life sleeping, by what is important that this time was pleasant, relajante and beneficial for our organism.

We have to learn to desconectar, to change of habits and to think in one same. It is important to conciliate well the sleep and that this was reparador, leave the work in the dispatch or in the office, and take some habits of life and of healthy diet.

Avert the consumption of stimulating drinks or not consuming liquid two hours before sleeping can be a big step to avert desvelarse to half night. A good way to achieve it is to mark some fixed schedules to put to bed and do physical exercise of regular form.

Have a good diet also is indispensable to improve the sleep and rest.

We have to dine light, prioritising the proteinaceous foods, averting the dishes copiosos and of difficult digestion. Also we have to avert picotear sweet foods before sleeping, since these elevate the glicemia and hamper the sleep.

A bit of vegetable, with a piece of fish to the iron (already was blue or target) together with a piece of fruit, would be an ideal combination to avert interfere in the sleep.

All these councils together with a good predisposition and some good habits will help us to improve the sleep and rest better.

Still like this, a good form to relax us and rest well is to take a good bath of hot water before going to the bed.

We wish you to all happy sleeps!

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