MICRONUTRICIÓN (Health for all)

MICRONUTRICIÓN (salud para todos)

The micronutrición, is a new nutritional discipline, allocated no only to people with sobrepeso or obesity, but also to those individuals that because of lacks of micronutrientes have problems of health and/or welfare.

The micronutrición studies the diverse alterations of the health because of the lack of MICRONUTRIENTES.
The micronutrientes (vitamins, mineral, trace elements, essential amino acids, sour grasos essential..)They are indispensable for the optimum operation of the organism and if our body does not have of the suitable quantities, our health and welfare can see seriously affected.
The aim of the micronutrición is:
- Repair the Intestinal Ecosystem.
- Reequilibrar The State anímino of the people.

The micronutrición repairs the intestinal ecosystem.

The intestinal ecosystem is the main immune organ, commissioned to defend to the organism of the distinct internal assaults and half-environmental. The micronutrición help to repair the intestinal ecosystem, braking:
- Cardiovascular illnesses.
- Aging.
- Celulitis.
- Acne in adults.
- Varices.
- Sobrepreso.
- Infections.

The micronutrición is a complement perfect to optimise numerous aesthetic and medical treatments-aesthetic.
The micronutrición reequilibra the state anímico.

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