The alimentary intolerances can cause these symptoms:
* Digestive disorders: swell, gases, diarrhoeas, aches of gut
* Dolores muscular, cramps, espasmofolia
* Dolores Articular

* Cutaneous eruptions, eczema, psoriasis
* Headaches, migraines
* Tendinitis To repetition
* Chronic fatigue

How recognise an alimentary intolerance?
The symptoms can appear among 24h and several days after the consumption. Thus it is impossible to diagnose clinically which are the responsible foods.
The symptoms are first intestinal: diarrhoeas, aches of gut, illnesses inflamatorias of the colon, etc.
However, the immune reaction and the inflammation that comport can also involve symptoms very diverse, further of the intestine: migraines, asthma, chronic stress, muscular or articular aches unexplained, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, etc.

Which are the most common intolerances?
The most frequent are the intolerances to the milk of cow, to the gluten, to the eggs, to the soya, etc.
However any food can cause it. Thanks to an analysis of blood, is possible to identify the specific antibodies that reveal the alimentary intolerances.

How treat them?
The treatment of the alimentary intolerances consists in the suspresión temporary (6 to 12 months) of all the foods involved, time that needs the intestinal wall for cicatrizar and the intestinal flower for reconstituirse thanks to the micronutrientes adapted. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat