Dra Neus Abella Avilés

Dra Neus Abella Avilés

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery by the Or.B.

Centre Diet 
Avda. Verge Of Montserrat, 99. 1º-1ª
08820  The Prat of Llobregat

Telephone 93 478 52 01

Postgrado In Medicine of the Aging by the Or.To.B.

  • Postgrado In Dermofarmacia and cosmetología by the Or.B.
  • University of Navarra: Foods: composition and properties.
  • University of Navarra: Nutrition, dietary and dietoterapia.
  • Member of the School section of Aesthetic Medicine of the Medical School of Barcelona.
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery (SEMCC).
  • Flat clinic: course of medical laser-surgical.
  • Supporting diploma of enabling in cosmetic medicine and aesthetics of the Cabbage·legi Official of Metges of Barcelona.
  • Practical theoretical course of the facial rejuvenation, with the collaboration of the institute of plastic surgery Pere Taverna.
  • Update in Aesthetics in the Holy Corazón.
  • Diet of Proteinaceous Contribution level 1 and level 2 of Lab. Ysonut.
  • Formation in micronutrición to charge of Ysonut.
  • Participant in congresses SEMCC.

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