Volume and outlined of lips

Volumen y perfilado de labios

It is a tratamieto simple and of immediate effects that achieves some more bulky or fimbriated lips, of appearance and touch entirely natural. This technician uses in small lips, sunk, escasamente fimbriated or little fleshy.

The loss of dental pieces and the loss of osseous mass by the disorders hormonales of the menopause produce a no wished decrease of the volume of the lips, a fault of definition and the aparación of crease vertical, characteristic signs of aging.


It consists in the implantation of a material biocompatible in some points and distances perfectly defined of the labial region (upper lip, inferior lip or both).The implantation can make in the zone retrolabial, achieving an effect of anterior projection and eversion. Also it can apply in the fleshiest zone to produce an effect of globallabial increase; or employ in the brink to obtain a perfilación labial.
In Centrodiet value the form and crease near to the labial zone to achieve a final form more harmonic and, especially, more natural.

In all the cases employs exclusively topical local anaesthesia (cream) or crazy-regional. The length of the treatment in general is from among fifteen and thirty minutes.

It is a first moment, appears a true edema that persists during some hours. However, except rare exceptions, does not appreciate any external signal, by what the reincorporación to the labour activities can be immediate.

It is a simple treatment and with excellent results. In the lips concentrates big part of the sensuality and expressiveness of a face and at the same time his crease show a clear sign of aging.

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