Fillers of crease and grooves of expression

Rellenos de arrugas y surcos de expresión

The lines of expression and crease them constitute a normal part of the process of aging, but can do that we look more tired, angered or aged of what really are.

A healthy skin needs hydratation, no only applying products hidratantes in the most external layer, but also in the rest of the levels. The Acid Hialurónico adheres to the present water in the skin, by what has an important paper in the hydratation. The form and the volume of the skin depends to a large extent of the levels of Acid Hialurónico, which diminish with the age.
A way to treat crease them and the facial lines consists in substituting the Acid Hialurónico stray, with an injection of filler of Sour Hialurónico synthetic, to replace his levels and hidratar the skin. Like result, the volume and the tone of the skin augment and the lines or crease reduce .
The Acid Hialurónico like which finds of natural form in the skin, does not require proofs of allergy and is appropriate for all the skins.
1.-Which zones can treat ?
You crease around the eyes, entrecejo, around the lips (bar code),commissures nasolabiales.
2.-How many sessions is used to make?
The implants of filler with acid hialurónico is used to to make once a year. Can apply in any period of the year.
3.-Can go to work the following day to the treatment with acid hialurónico?
Yes it can work and make life entirely normal at all more finish the session. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat