Mesoterapia Facial with Acid Hialurónico and Vitamins

Mesoterapia facial con Ácido Hialurónico y Vitaminas

In what consists?
It consists in applying a series of micro injections in the deepest layer. They supply a series of principles, as sour hialurónico, vitamins and mineral.

It is indicated to improve the appearance of the skin, combat the aging, the flacidez and improve the hydratation.

With the mesoterapia facial with vitamins achieves reaffirm and tonificar the cutaneous tissue, restructure the mature skin, augment the elasticity and hydratation of the skin, combat the flacidez and the aging, and besides, achieves to contribute luminosity to the face.

The length of the each session is of 30 minutes roughly, and recommend 3 sessions at intervals of 3-4 weeks to obtain some optimum results. It advises make 2 or 3 sessions of maintenance to the year.

After the treatment
After the session can arise some hematomas because of the infiltrations. Also it can observe, in occasions, a slight enrojecimiento that takes few hours in disappearing.
It does not have to expose the skin in the sunlight, and is necessary, use solar protection. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat