Stains in Cara, Neckline and Hands

Manchas en Cara, Escote y Manos

With the years appear dark stains in distinct parts of the body, especially in the hands, neckline, arms and expensive. 

Many of these stains are lentigos solar or seniles that present in people with propensity or familiar predisposition to suffer them and that are in a lot of cases related with the most intense exposure  in the sunlight.
The elimination of these stains with laser or intense light pressed, IPL, of second generation is a sure and effective alternative that allows at the same time that it erases them improve the texture of the skin.

In what consists the procedure?
The procedure is very simple, does not require anaesthesia and the patients return to his normal life when ending up the session.

It is painful?
It is practically painless, although, this feeling varies of a person to another depending on the location and nature of the injury.

How many sessions are necessary?
Generally they make among 2 and 4 sessions in intervals of 3-4 weeks.

How long hard the treatment?
The treatment is fast although the length of the same will vary in function of the extension of the zone to treat. It is used to to pass of 15 to 30 minutes. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat