Our eyes are the most exposed part of our face, because of the use of the masks. We fix us in the gaze more than ever.

The spectacles give us a tired and sad appearance, with the step of the time stresses formed grooves that darken and give to your gaze an appearance of gaze aged. Think in deleting them gives us dread. But now it is possible of a very simple way and without going through operating theatre.

Sour Hialurónico special for this zone. The infiltrations of this product will delete the spectacles, minimise the stock exchanges and achieve that the zone remain uniform and hidratada. It will disappear at last the appearance of tired.

It can it to him do all the world?
Yes, without problem, only use products of tall range

How much hard the session?
Some 30 minutes roughly. Afterwards you can you incorporate to your daily life without problems.

It uses anaesthesia?
We use an anaesthetic special cream topical

It will surprise you, it notes almost immediately, although the optimum final results are to the two weeks roughly. The length of this treatment ranges of 10 to 12 months, depending of the type of skin and of the habits of the patient.

What includes in the price?
The first visit and the diagnostic are free. From here, it goes in the treatment with Acid Hialurónico, a follow-up to the 15 days roughly. And of course always under control medical.

They see to Centre Diet and inform you, or call us to the:
Tel    93 478 52 01
WhatsApp 617 325 608

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