If your tattoos are an obstacle for your work, you arrepientes to have you done any, or simply no longer like you, offer you an innovative technician with the best aparatología: The Elimination of Tattoos with Laser.


How it works the treatment?
The medical Lasers that use is the Q-Switch that combines the wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm. The light pulsante act on the particles of ink of the drawings tatuados, these particles fragmentan in an inferior size and later are deleted through the lymphatic system.

All the tattoos remove the same?
It depends on several factors, the antiquity of the tattoo, the depth, the zone or the colour of the same.

How many sessions need ?
It is necessary to specify that the treatment is long, will not delete in tattoo in two or three sessions, will depend of the colour, the zone or the depth

All the colours delete in the same time?
No, they exist some colours that are more problematic to remove, therefore his elimination is longer.

What dye are?

The colours that react better to the treatment are the black and the blue dark, need fewer sessions. The only problem of these colours is the intensity
The yellow, red, target, green or blue are the colours that need more sessions, because of the quantity of oxide of titanium or of zinc that spend in his composition
The red colour reacts quite well to the laser Q-Switch, and in occasions even delete better that the blacks or dark

Which zones of the body are the best for the elimination of a tattoo?
The zones that need fewer sessions are those that have the finest skin, like the collar, the wrist, the neckline. The back, arms or legs the skin is thicker and requires main number of sessions

It influences the colour of the skin?
Generally the clear skins answer better to the treatment and need fewer sessions

How much has to spend among session and session?
Among 6 - 8 weeks, among so much our organism will go deleting the micropartículas of pigment

What taken care have to have after a session?
Only you will need some basic cares. Apply an ointment of treatment, a cream regenerante, avert rub or rascarse, not taking the sun, use neutral soap.

The laser Q-Switch is very versatile and produces excellent results in the treatment of tattoos.
The complications are minimum
Already you know, if you want to undo you of a tattoo that do not like you, or that suppose a barrier in your work, have the solution.
They see to Centre Diet and inform you without commitment

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