Depilation Medical Laser

Depilación Láser Médica

IN CENTRODIET have of the technology laser more modern and sure of the market for the depilation. Only we use lasers of tall power. We do not use lasers of low power, which do not guarantee fast results neither permanent.

It is sure the depilation Laser?

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) has warned on the danger that supposes to subject to a treatment of depilation with laser without medical control, since they can present grave complications for the health if the depilation laser is made by people without suitable formation.

Which type of laser have in Centrodiet?

Laser of Diode with medical supervision when initiating the treatment and along the same.

Those that sessions need ?

Can need among 3 and 6 sessions to attain 90% of elimination of the peel, overcoat in zones like groins, armpits or legs. It recommends space the sessions each 2-3 months since it is the necessary time so that the follicles of the peel that they were in rest go in in a new cycle of growth.

Finalised these sessions, does not be necessary to do more than memory to the year?

With the laser that use in centrodiet no, since the experience has showed that the follicle destroyed does not go back to produce peel, except in the facial zone that because of the component hormonal, if that sometimes has to do some session of memory.

So much for woman as for man


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