The Medical Depilation Laser has to make under the supervision of a medical specialist. 

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The first that owe to check when you have decided to make you a treatment of Depilation Laser is the medical centre. This type of treatment only has to to make under medical supervision.
In our post of today will learn that there is really in the before, during and after a treatment of Medical Depilation Laser.

We inform you before at all in that it consists the treatment of Medical Depilation Laser, likewise will have to sign the consent to be able to make it to you. Also we inform you of the promotions that have in course and the packs. Before initiating the session will have indicated you that you owe you to apply a cream specifies.

We will give you some special glasses to protect your eyes. You will note a smell of burned, do not alarm you, forms part of the process. When beginning the treatment will note a light feeling of escaldado, in reality is almost painless, but yes that it is true that no all the world has the same level of tolerance to the ache, lo and behold that previously we have recommended you put you a cream specifies to relieve the ache.

When finalising the treatment is normal that the skin this slightly reddened, with creams hidratantes to base of áloe edge will go remitting. The fluff does not fall immediately, is used to to take some days. Evita rascarte. You will be able to incorporate you to your daily life with normality. The only but is that you do not have to expose the zone that has treated to the rays of the sun. Put you solar cream. We always recommend to make a treatment of Medical Depilation Laser in the months in that the sun is not so strong.

It is better to space the sessions each 2 or 3 months, since it is the necessary time so that the follicles of the peel go in again in a cycle of growth.

It refuses those centres that do not respect the intervals of time among session and session. Inform you in this regard.

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Dr. Neus Abella
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