Botox: Vistabel

How it applies the botox?

It applies mainly in the upper half of the face (entrecejo, front, legs of rooster). With the Botox erase crease them of expression that produce to the gesticular, at the same time that warn new cutaneous folds.

What professional is in conditions to apply me the treatment?
Always it has to it apply a doctor by means of microinjections with the finest needles of the market by what the annoyance is minimum. A lot of patients compare it with the sting of a mosquito; it does not require local anaesthesia neither sedation and can go back to the normal activity immediately.

Cúanto Time supposes the treatment?
The treatment applies in so only 15 minutes. The advantage of this treatment is that no ocasiona labour or social drop any; it can go back to the work or to his daily activity with total normality.

Then, The result is not immediate?
The complete effect attains among 4 and 14 days, what results to be an advantage for the patient, since anybody will warn súbitamente that has effected an aesthetic treatment in the face. Little by little the appearance will go improving, and a good day who see usually to the patient him diran that they see him better, "younger and rested, without knowing why.

How much last the effects of the treatment?
Usually, the first treatments are effective some 4-5 months, but the periodic repetition of the treatment without expecting to that the effects have disappeared entirely does that his results are much more durable.

The use of the botox  can change the expression of my face?
No, since in Centrodiet look for first of all natural results, healthy and harmonious. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat